Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rock Around the Jukebox - Rosmalen 2010

J. Claude Trauchessec of Arts and Memories, Paris - is a Champion of Rock-Ola Jukeboxes. Marilyn stopped by the booth at last weekend's Rock Around the Jukebox show in Rosmalen, Netherlands.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Report from France - Rock-Ola, the Iconic Ambassador

Blogger's Note: This report and accompanying pictures were contributed by Jean Claude Trauchessec of Arts & Memories, Rock-Ola Authorized dealer in France. Fascinating! - AK


Since 1992, the city of Vierzon ( center of France, 2h south of Paris) also becomes, during a spring week-end, the Center of Europe for its now very renowned & famous " Rock' N Broc Years Festival "

Historically, Vierzon was the designated city for this event. Just after WW2, Vierzon was already breathing in American rhythm, style and musical atmosphere. Between 1951- 1968, US Army bases & Air Force squadrons were numerous around Vierzon and neighbouring cities such as Chateauroux and Orléans. Since that time, the US spirit and culture were adopted by the citizens in that area of the French provinces.

For its 19th edition, April 24-25 2010, this 50's Collector show dedicated to Pinballs, Jukeboxes, Jackpots & Slot-machines, Records and US deco was deemed a great success for organizers, exhibitors and visitors alike. Coming from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France, more than 13.000 bikers, collectors, amateurs, baby-boomers & friends were able to admire and purchase a wide variety of games, toys, spare parts, clothes with a strong turnout for collector jukeboxes and the new line of Nostalgic Rock-Ola as the Bubblers and Harley.

Among them, Ben Franse and Norman Coster from the Netherlands, and of course, J.Cl Trauchessec (French Rock-Ola representative).

Entertainmentwise, there was Country Music with the Tennessee Rose bands, Merilly the French Loretta Lynn female singer, R N' Roll Diner- Concert, Line Dance, Jive and Boogie, and a Cruising Parade in the city of Vierzon with a parade of 350 harley-davidson, 250 Us cars, big bands and Pom-pom girls.

For the next 20th edition in 2011, Bernard Moulin ( the dynamic French organizer ) expects a full three days Hall of Fame 50's Show made in America, over 5.000 M2 for exhibitors, many thousands of visitors and of course, the whole range of the Rock-Ola Nostalgic and Music-Center jukeboxes.

See you in 2011 for the 20th edition.........of the French Las Vegas 50's Show !

Game Room City, Santa Fe Springs, California

On our website we encourage people to "Call for an Authorized Rock-Ola Dealership". As a result, I'm on the phone a lot, finding out what consumers want, answering questions and usually directing them to an Authorized Rock-Ola Dealership. Turns out we have one of our best-selling dealerships almost in our own backyard -- that is, Game Room City in Santa Fe Springs, CA.
I recently got to pay Becky, Jim and Dennis a visit at the store... also met Maverick, Super Dog.
From the introduction of the Rock-Ola Music Center back in 2006-2007, Game Room City was among the first of our dealerships to embrace the new technology, learn more about it and to sell it. As a result, GRC is among our top 5 music center dealerships, worldwide.
A couple of years ago Game Room City partnered on a really interesting project with artist Michael Godard. Possibly the best-selling artist today, Godard hand-painted his trademark "olive" characters and martinis on a black Rock-Ola bubbler cabinet, then painted a black pool table to match. This is just one example of the "out-of-the-box" business philosophy that has kept Game Room City at the top of the home game-room business in Southern California and beyond.
But success is not limited to clever marketing alone. GMC truly earns their fine reputation and customer loyalty by backing their sales up with good old fashioned customer service. In my chat with Becky it was clear that everyone at Game Room City goes the "extra mile" to take care of their customers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jukebox Collector: Rick and Barbara Botts

Just after the final issue of Jukebox Collector Magazine was sent out to its  readership in February, publishers Rick and Barbara Botts hit the road for a well-earned vacation. The trip eventually landed the couple in Torrance, CA, on March 10th when they came by for a surprise visit to the Rock-Ola factory.
For over 22 years, Rick published Jukebox Collector magazine, one of the largest jukebox enthusiast publications reaching thousands of subscribers per issue. Including feature stories, articles by fellow collectors, restoration and repair tips and always plenty of display and classified ads of interest to jukebox collectors world-wide, each issue of Jukebox Collector served the community of afficianados with a cornucopia of vintage jukebox images and subtly seasoned with Rick's Iowan wit. Rock-Ola is proud to have consistently run full-color back cover display ads for many years and Jukebox Collector has been a perennial supporter and friend of the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Company.

Rick & Barbara Botts with Glenn Streeter and some of the Rock-Ola collection

Rick's retirement from publishing leaves the jukebox collector world with but one collector's monthly, Always Jukin', out of California. Those with current Jukebox Collector subscriptions will have the remainder of their subscriptions filled by Always Jukin' issues, and readers will be able to follow Dan Colabuno's popular columns in that fine magazine.

For the Botts', Rock-Ola extends thanks for all the years worked together and best wishes for all the years to come!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Center Jukebox System Updates

A bevy of system updates and upgrades have just been released by our development partner, Qsonix corporation. If you currently own or are planning to purchase one of the Rock-Ola Music Center Jukebox series, please take a moment to read about the new features. Release notes for Version 2.6 are available at  the Rock-Ola website:

Version 2.6 Music Center Jukebox Release Notes

This latest release offers a few significant changes that I think really improve on an already great system.
  • Track Composer feature added. This is HUGE for a lot of music fans. Now in addition to album and track details allowing search by Artist, Album, etc., users can now search tracks by composer. When available from the AMG network, track composer information will be automatically added to all search functions, including the IE remote interface. Music files stored on the system prior to the upgrade has had or will have this information added during your next system maintenance cycle.
  • Touch screen interface cosmetic enhancements. Improved text rendering and larger buttons have been added and the NOW PLAYING queue can be resized by dragging the zone selector up or downthe screen.
  • New "Save Playlist" and "Save Playlist as..." functions in the NOW PLAYING area enable user to save and re-save playlists that were recalled from saved playlists. Now it is much easier to update a playlist that has been modified in the NOW PLAYING area or to create an entirely new playlist.
The Tools/System end has gotten some important changes in Version 2.6 as well.
  • Feature Manager has been added to the Tools/System menu.
  • Message Center button has been added to the Tools/System menu.
  • Equalizer control has been relocated from the Main Screen to the Playback tab in the Tools menu
As always, these latest system upgrades are totally free to Rock-Ola Music Center owners.

If your system is not constantly broadband connected, or if you haven't run a maintenance cycle within the last week, now is a great time to do it.

  1. Make sure your jukebox has a live broadband connection
  2. From the Main Screen, select the Tool icon for system access
  3. Select BEGIN MAINTENANCE button
Have fun!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010

Just got a note from ALWAYS JUKIN' - a great jukebox collector publication - letting us know that the 2010 ROCK-OLA JUKEBOX CALENDARS are now available.

In addition, Always Jukin' now offers the 2010 Jukebox Guide in COLOR, available in print or on CD-ROM. Checkout their website for price and order information.

I know there are a lot if collectors out there (I hear from you all the time). This is a great chance to get the reference material you want for your vintage Rock-Ola models.

Always Jukin' Website link

To all of you, from all of us,
Best wishes for 2010!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rock-Ola Expands Its Brand in Europe

Rock-Ola Jukebox Manufacturing Corporation recently announced sweeping changes to its European distribution network in an effort to augment and increase brand awareness in the territory.
In a recent interview, CEO Glenn Streeter stated, “We believe that the current combination of favorable dollar exchange rate and the ability to purchase factory direct will allow our international dealers to expand their inventory and increase their bottom line. At the same time we are interested in expanding the presence and brand recognition of the All-American Rock-Ola jukebox world-wide.”

Rock-Ola in Continental Europe
Mr. Jean Claude Trauchessec, of Arts & Memories, Paris, has been appointed official Rock-Ola Dealer for France. Mr. Trauchessec, pictured at left with CEO Glenn Streeter at the Rock-Ola factory in Torrance, has worked ceaselessly in the last several years to promote the Rock-Ola brand and products. Working in a very cooperative spirit with fellow Rock-Ola jukebox dealers in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland, Mr. Trauchessec has elevated the Rock-Ola brand to greater prominence in Europe with aggressive marketing, thoughtful placement, and dedication to his belief that Rock-Ola is simply the best nostalgic jukebox available.

Rock-Ola in the United Kingdom

Great changes have also taken place in the UK. In October, Rock-Ola dissolved its exclusive distribution agreement with Mr. Graeme Challis, opening the opportunity for UK Dealers to order factory direct and better serve their customers. Existing and new dealership inquiries should be directed to Andrea Kowalski, Rock-Ola Sales.

Rock-Ola’s Authorized Service & Parts Center for UK and Europe

Appointed earlier in 2009, Jukeboxes Unlimited, owned by Mr. Ted White and located in the U.K., remains the official Rock-Ola Service and Parts provider for the UK and Europe.

As the only jukebox still made in America, Rock-Ola symbolizes a genuine American Spirit of independence and optimism. Dedicated Rock-Ola dealers throughout the world are readily supplying the jukebox that captivates the world’s imagination.


Authorized Rock-Ola Service Centre, Europe: