Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music Center Jukebox System Updates

A bevy of system updates and upgrades have just been released by our development partner, Qsonix corporation. If you currently own or are planning to purchase one of the Rock-Ola Music Center Jukebox series, please take a moment to read about the new features. Release notes for Version 2.6 are available at  the Rock-Ola website:

Version 2.6 Music Center Jukebox Release Notes

This latest release offers a few significant changes that I think really improve on an already great system.
  • Track Composer feature added. This is HUGE for a lot of music fans. Now in addition to album and track details allowing search by Artist, Album, etc., users can now search tracks by composer. When available from the AMG network, track composer information will be automatically added to all search functions, including the IE remote interface. Music files stored on the system prior to the upgrade has had or will have this information added during your next system maintenance cycle.
  • Touch screen interface cosmetic enhancements. Improved text rendering and larger buttons have been added and the NOW PLAYING queue can be resized by dragging the zone selector up or downthe screen.
  • New "Save Playlist" and "Save Playlist as..." functions in the NOW PLAYING area enable user to save and re-save playlists that were recalled from saved playlists. Now it is much easier to update a playlist that has been modified in the NOW PLAYING area or to create an entirely new playlist.
The Tools/System end has gotten some important changes in Version 2.6 as well.
  • Feature Manager has been added to the Tools/System menu.
  • Message Center button has been added to the Tools/System menu.
  • Equalizer control has been relocated from the Main Screen to the Playback tab in the Tools menu
As always, these latest system upgrades are totally free to Rock-Ola Music Center owners.

If your system is not constantly broadband connected, or if you haven't run a maintenance cycle within the last week, now is a great time to do it.

  1. Make sure your jukebox has a live broadband connection
  2. From the Main Screen, select the Tool icon for system access
  3. Select BEGIN MAINTENANCE button
Have fun!