Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rock-Ola Expands Its Brand in Europe

Rock-Ola Jukebox Manufacturing Corporation recently announced sweeping changes to its European distribution network in an effort to augment and increase brand awareness in the territory.
In a recent interview, CEO Glenn Streeter stated, “We believe that the current combination of favorable dollar exchange rate and the ability to purchase factory direct will allow our international dealers to expand their inventory and increase their bottom line. At the same time we are interested in expanding the presence and brand recognition of the All-American Rock-Ola jukebox world-wide.”

Rock-Ola in Continental Europe
Mr. Jean Claude Trauchessec, of Arts & Memories, Paris, has been appointed official Rock-Ola Dealer for France. Mr. Trauchessec, pictured at left with CEO Glenn Streeter at the Rock-Ola factory in Torrance, has worked ceaselessly in the last several years to promote the Rock-Ola brand and products. Working in a very cooperative spirit with fellow Rock-Ola jukebox dealers in Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland, Mr. Trauchessec has elevated the Rock-Ola brand to greater prominence in Europe with aggressive marketing, thoughtful placement, and dedication to his belief that Rock-Ola is simply the best nostalgic jukebox available.

Rock-Ola in the United Kingdom

Great changes have also taken place in the UK. In October, Rock-Ola dissolved its exclusive distribution agreement with Mr. Graeme Challis, opening the opportunity for UK Dealers to order factory direct and better serve their customers. Existing and new dealership inquiries should be directed to Andrea Kowalski, Rock-Ola Sales.

Rock-Ola’s Authorized Service & Parts Center for UK and Europe

Appointed earlier in 2009, Jukeboxes Unlimited, owned by Mr. Ted White and located in the U.K., remains the official Rock-Ola Service and Parts provider for the UK and Europe.

As the only jukebox still made in America, Rock-Ola symbolizes a genuine American Spirit of independence and optimism. Dedicated Rock-Ola dealers throughout the world are readily supplying the jukebox that captivates the world’s imagination.

France: http://www.jukebox-france.com/

Authorized Rock-Ola Service Centre, Europe: http://www.jukeboxes-uk.com/